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Get customers and site visitors to engage with you on your website. Connect your website to your social media presence. Morrison Multimedia includes extremely easy to add icons to your site that point to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and many other sites. You can integrate a Facebook like box, Facebook comments, list your tweets in real time, and more.

Open-Source Solutions

We're not going to re-invent the wheel. In fact these days open-source software starts you off so far ahead you can concentrate on the finer details of branding, marketing, and operations. There is software at your disposal for free that can already do just about anything. It takes a little work to adapt or customize it to your needs, but that's what we love to do! We provide first-class service, support and customizations for the following open-source projects:


* Flagship Feature

Drupal does a lot of things, sometimes calling it a content management system does not do it justice. Morrison Multimedia Inc. recommends Drupal for building dynamic, scalable web sites.

Search Engine Optimization

* Flagship Feature

In simple terms, search engine optimization (SEO) helps more people find your website (it got you here didn’t it?). SEO is like everything else on the computer. Frightening to those who don't know how to use it! Worse yet, the market is completely saturated with SEO freelancers, firms and buzzwords all with similar services and offerings!

"How did this happen and how the hell can I find SEO for my site?"



Collect, communicate and capitalize on hot leads by people who have opted in to hear from you. You build lists of people that want to hear what's new with your brand or business. Newsletters don't have to be another daunting task requiring you to sit down and write a novel either!


Do you need to communicate with your users in more than just one language? Give your clients abroad the ability to communicate in their preferred language. Let them choose a language but automatically set it to use the default language their operating system is. At Morrison Multimedia Inc. we can set your site up to work in a number of different languages.


Morrison Multimedia Inc. can add a forum to your website, or create you a whole separate community forum website! A great way for people to ask questions about your products or services. You can use a forum to generate discussion around a topic or community. An interactive way for you to stay in touch with your client base. A great tool when used appropriately.

E-commerce Solutions

Take full advantage of what the internet has to offer and sell your products online. Morrison Multimedia Inc. builds online shopping systems. Whether you have a full product catalogue, or just t-shirts and coffee mugs, Morrison Multimedia Inc. can handle your E-commerce needs. Process credit cards on your site just like you do at a physical store and get the money rolling into your existing bank account!


All Morrison Multimedia Inc. Drupal sites come with a blog out of the box. With a blog you can write as often as you would like and collect followers along the way. Blogging is yet another social media tool in an organisation’s modern presence.  With the ability to upload images and video to your blog you can captivate your audience and get your message out with ease.  A business blog can allow interaction and provide a more personal experience for customers. It allows two way communication with an audience giving the ability for a visitor to comment.

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