Collect, communicate and capitalize on hot leads by people who have opted in to hear from you. You build lists of people that want to hear what's new with your brand or business. Newsletters don't have to be another daunting task requiring you to sit down and write a novel either!

Because of the way we build websites, you can set up newsletter campaigns that follow a scheduled, configurable, consistent interval. Once you know when your visitors are most active or when ideal times of the day or week is for your customers to receive a newsletter, we'll set you up. (We'll also help you get to that point.) If you're adding lots of content to your site each week, you may want to send out a weekly newsletter to let people know about the new content on your site. We make it easy to generate a newsletter with previews of all the new content you added so your newsletter subscribers stay up to date and have the option of clicking on a story in their email and coming to your site to read it.

If you don't add content to your site that regularly, maybe just send out a monthly, quarterly, or annual newsletter. Using our software, any content on your site can included in a newsletter. The newsletter is formatted using a design consistent with your site and corporate branding to unify your brand. Newsletters are a great way to keep in front of your clients.

One interesting tidbit is when someone has opened a colorful, well-branded email newsletter *in their email client* (like Microsoft Office), perception changes. It isn't like looking at an ad on a website, or in a browser, or even on TV. These are places we expect to see ads and may sub-conciously already be ignoring. But being in someone's personal email client, you're alongside other important emails and get that special attention. An important place for you to be.