All Morrison Multimedia Inc. Drupal sites come with a blog out of the box. With a blog you can write as often as you would like and collect followers along the way. Blogging is yet another social media tool in an organisation’s modern presence.  With the ability to upload images and video to your blog you can captivate your audience and get your message out with ease.  A business blog can allow interaction and provide a more personal experience for customers. It allows two way communication with an audience giving the ability for a visitor to comment. Having a blog is a great way to raise brand awareness.

A blog with constantly changing content will push the website ranking up in search engine results - which will also enhance brand awareness. Having a business blog alongside the usual social network pages creates a community, which is one of the first steps towards brand awareness. A business owning a platform through which they can regularly reach interested parties (“followers") will keep building the community size, and allowing them to reach more people.

There are many options available for creating business and company blogs, from free blog sites to premium services and custom blogs. Morrison Multimedia Inc. will create and educate you on blogging, and give your business control of blog branding to connect with your market.