e-Commerce + social media + web marketing + web development

Provider to small and medium-sized businesses in Victoria, BC and around the world


Bottom line, it's what matters the most. We build software and strategies to manage not only your website, but your business. We create open-source and proprietary technology that helps companies turn their data into actionable intelligence. Our scale-able deliverables provide business leaders with better information to make smarter decisions.

What kind of code do you need to facilitate the success of your company? We'll build the right solution that will scale as large as you need and support multiple marketing and support delivery networks; web, mobile, TV, print, social media, and future unknown delivery platforms. Collect the data, massage the data. That's our specialty.

A few things we provide include:

  • e-Commerce web stores
  • web invoicing systems
  • web appointment bookings
  • blogs
  • promotional materials and programs
  • software updates
  • windows and linux
  • conferencing software
  • payment processing
  • training
  • media galleries
  • deliveries and tracking
  • dealing with live data
  • backups
  • servers
  • analytics and tracking
  • Drupal
  • custom development
  • documentation
  • API development and interaction


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