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Windows to Linux Site Move; Dealing with 404 Errors and Case Sensitivity in PHP

Windows servers are not case sensitive.

Linux servers are. Files and directories must be exact case.

So when you move a website from a Windows server to a Linux server, you're probably going to have some 404 errors. Today I rolled the best solution possible. This would be applicable to moving a PHP site from a Windows to Linux server.

Do you use Joomla?

I am quite sincere in asking this. Please share with me in the comments section, brief or detailed, your experiences good or bad with Joomla. I have a feeling one side will outweigh the other on this one.

I am quite eager to hear your stories with Joomla. Personally, if my web development firm or shop told me they were using Joomla for any project in their office, I would immediately fire them. I just don't understand why that happens. 


Scott eSolutions - is going to do it with Drupal!

My favorite podcast website, Lullabot, is hosting a 3-day seminar in New Orleans in December focused on the configuration, architecture, and processes behind building successful Drupal websites and communities. Similar to when I attended the Lullabot workshop in Minneapolis in May, this conference will be graced with not only individuals from big businesses who use Drupal, but inventors and programmers who have contributed to Drupal.


The Zen-Cart Review

I've recently had the pleasure of overhauling an eCommerce website using an open source content management system called the Zen Cart. This handy package is an entire website solution with product management and control any webmaster or store owner could ask for. Upgrades, plug-ins and modules are available for extra and special functionality. There is a team behind the Zen Cart and an open source community growing in size. This ensures you will always be able to find a pro to maintain, upgrade or make major changes to your Zen-Cart website. Even if you don't find someone familiar with the Zen-Cart specifically - but who is a PHP developer, reviewing and creating code in Zen Cart is structured and based on a clever override system. The developer can seperate all of his work from the Zen-Cart core, for easy management and testing and using on other Zen-Cart websites.


Drupal Conference - Minneapolis, MN

May 8th and 9th I will be attending a conference about a specific CMS called Drupal. It is the biggest and baddest CMS and can do the most stuff. Being as large of a package as Drupal is, topics at the conference are the core and how things were put together. Focus will be on module development, and they'll probably cover the popular modules and new ones. Modules are like programs you install on a computer, except you install them on a Drupal website. Upon my return I will be a CMS Gladiator and declare the worlds businesses content databases - my opponent.


Choosing a domain name

It can be difficult to think of good domain name. As no two parties may ever hold the same Domain Name at the same time, it is a truly unique identifier of you or your company. It is how your customers will remember you and find you among the millions of other Web sites on the Internet.

What is the influence of a domain name on your traffic and sales? How do you deal with multiple domains and should you have multiple domains? Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing your domain name:


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