What have I been doing lately?

Training students and new Drupal users in Drupal 7.

Q College has an intensive 12 week government-accredited program and one of a kind in Canada. I have the privillege of heading up the program. I write the cirriculum, quizzes, assignments, and teach it every day. Drupal is so vast; I try to cram as many fundamentals, best practices, and good habits as I can in because graduated students can comfortably call themselves Drupal site builders and themers. These terms are typically on any job posting advertising for a proficient Drupalista. 

Recently I've added a student blog to the Q College website, which regularly and automatically pushes out our posts to social media. It's becoming the standard to be able to drip content through social media channels automatically, and is something every one of my students who finish the program can implement on a Drupal website.

I've also set up a Big Blue Button web conferencing server for the college. Using Big Blue Button, students can attend the class interactively. The virtual conferencing provides students and staff the ability to see the classroom, the physical white board in the classroom, and the projector screen that is showing in the classroom. When I'm teaching a class, students can connect and hear my audio feed of the classroom, they can see my desktop if I share it, they can see slides and files that I upload for presentation, and they can share their audio, video, and desktop with me and the class too. There is a calendar of courses available to students. During procurement of this program, I became a maintainer of the Big Blue Button module at drupal.org.

Soon, students will be able to attend a class (or classes!) in this virtual classroom, from anywhere!