wetblast.ca screenshotLeduc, AB - WetBlast.ca provides professional blasting and surface preparation services for industries like oil & gas, aviation, construction, and marine operations. They own, operate, sell, rent, and train on models of the GEO-BLASTER® that will soon put traditional sandblasting into obsolescence. Morrison Multimedia Inc. has proudly built the website that will capitalize on prospective customers who are making the transition from traditional sandblasting. The website is packed with high-resolution images of their work in all of these industries, and gives them the power to continue adding content and images as it is offered.

Included is some functionality to let customers request a quote for a blasting project. Given the requirements, materials, locations, situations, and variables in a blasting project - the online quote provided by Morrison Multimedia Inc. serves customers to define a blasting project for easy submission to get a quote. Contents and images submitted by anonymous customers are kept private, and can be reviewed by WetBlast.ca staff to devise a proposal. 

Collecting prospective client requirements, needs, and feedback is valuable to any service-oriented company. Morrison Multimedia Inc. understands this and strives to help its customers get the valuable feedback they need direct from their customers.