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Collect, communicate and capitalize on hot leads by people who have opted in to hear from you. You build lists of people that want to hear what's new with your brand or business.



Do you need to communicate with your users in more than just one language? Give your clients abroad the ability to communicate in their preferred language. Let them choose a language but automatically set it to use the default language their operating system is. At Morrison Multimedia Inc.



Morrison Multimedia Inc. can add a forum to your website, or create you a whole separate community forum website! A great way for people to ask questions about your products or services. You can use a forum to generate discussion around a topic or community.


E-commerce Solutions

Take full advantage of what the internet has to offer and sell your products online. Morrison Multimedia Inc. builds online shopping systems. Whether you have a full product catalogue, or just t-shirts and coffee mugs, Morrison Multimedia Inc. can handle your E-commerce needs.