GEOBLASTER USA ( is a website built for the American company in the GEOBLASTER family of websites. The Canadian website, is also built on Drupal 7.

The theme was designed by Doug at Poolside Media. Scott eSolutions built the website, and turned the design into a Drupal theme using the Zen Starterkit. It only took 2 months to build the website, as it doesn't have too much functionality - it is simply a showcase for the GEOBLASTER product. 1 designer, 1 developer.

Only very common modules are used in the website (so far). The GEOBLASTER executives understand they can add to their website features such as e-commerce, forums, commmenting, and more as time goes on. But immediately, this website was built to establish an online presence in the USA. Some contributed modules include:

  • Views / Ctools
  • Global Redirect
  • Pathauto
  • Meta tag field
  • Google Analytics
  • Libraries / Wysiwyg
  • XML Sitemap

So visit! Wet abrasive blasting using the GEOBLASTER will eventually make sandblasting obsolete. Not unlike how using Drupal - makes using custom PHP CMS's built from scratch - obsolete!