These are links to websites. Companies and organizations I've done work and volunteered work for. If you like it or have any questions, please let me know.

Andrew Jenkins Actor dot com.

Andrew Jenkins

Andrew Jenkins is an aspring young actor who has had roles in movies you may have already seen. In early 2009 he'll be starring in Stormworld on the Space Channel and international networks. A 26 episode season filmed in Vancouver, Singapore, and Austrailia. Scott eSolutions Ltd. is pleased to provide the website tailor made for Andrew and his agents and publicists.


Don Hume Leathergoods

Miami, OK
Equipment for the Professional

Scott eSolutions overhaules an existing website for Don Hume Leathergoods Inc. and installs a new shopping cart eSolution. Besides managing the e-commerce business of the new website for DonHume.com, Scott eSolutions Ltd also delivered a manageable solution for the administrators and business personel to define what products are saleable under what conditions. Or even more specifically, given a certain type of handgun, finding all the holsters and accessories that fit it. 



The Alberta Ingenuity Fund: Drupalfied!

From the home page of the Alberta Ingenuity Fund website:logo_0

The Alberta Ingenuity Fund supports science and engineering research of the highest calibre, to create a prosperous future for the province. It draws funding from a $1 billion endowment established and managed by the Government of Alberta to build the capacity for innovation, especially in areas with long lasting social and economic impact.

Ninth Circle Radio

Online radio station streaming music through a stereo quality 128kb/s feed up to 8 users at a time. Built-in web store for browsing and purchasing music CDs, DVDs, and MP3 downloads. Created custom forums, artists module, email solution and much more functionality. Visit Ninth Circle Radio and see a basic content management system - tailored to meet a market. A joint venture of mine with the DJ at Ninth Circle Radio.


Tempus Canada

Edmonton, AB

Canadian field office for one of the largest Logistics and Transportation companies in Asia. Provide regular desktop support and consulting for the import/export business. Setup official business email and technology eSolution.


Calgary, AB
Refined and published websites for the promotion of Farrow Canada cleaning machines. Amazing technology that uses water and a environmentally friendly volcanic ash mixture. It can remove granularly selectable material from any surface without damage. For example remove graffiti without damaging the wood surface underneath. Remove dirt and grime from the bottom of a boat without damaging the fiberglass or gel-coat. 

FarrowCanada.com needed hardware, software and mobile technology to help showcase their products and run the business. Scott eSolutions Ltd. provided consultations to help plan the IT strategy; since it was a new business we worked together to find the most powerful solutions at the best prices.


Racing Adventures

Scottsdale, AZ

SSL Certificate installation: Renewed and installed SSL certificate to secure ordering process. Grandsport Speedway sells racing schools and every year tours North America putting them on. Fixing the sales on their website was critical and Scott eSolutions provided services to get everything working again.

Visit Grandsport Speedway . com

DFI Corporation

3404 74 Avenue, Edmonton, AB
Installed and continue to maintain servers supporting between 75-100 clients. Setup in-house email using Microsoft Exchange 2003 and deployed client settings throughout the organization including 4 remote offices. Also enabled 15 Blackberry users after installing BES and regularly consult on their server environment.

Their website