These are links to websites. Companies and organizations I've done work and volunteered work for. If you like it or have any questions, please let me know.

Wet Abrasives.com

Wet Abrasives.comWetAbrasives.com is also a part of the GEOBLASTER® family of websites and also built using Drupal. This website sells parts and equipment for different models of wet and dry blasting machines.

GEOBLASTER One-Page Supplements

The Drupal 7 website I built for the GEOBLASTER® is supported by these two websites I've now built to sell the actual blasting services Geoblast Inc. provides. One is for Eastern Canada, one for Western Canada. Basic stuff, one page websites, SEO, CSS3, and the lovely jQuery.

Grandsport Speedway

Grandsport Screengrab A static multi-page website built using a system the owner can manage what he needs himeself. At this early stage in the web strategy, only the schedules and Photos & Videos sections will be regularly updated. However replacing the previous website from 2005 is a new, solid standards-compliant modern design. People will start finding the website again.

Techpro Solutions Incorporated

Techpro Screenshot

For Techpro, I created a search-engine friendly, 6-page website. This project included:

  • Custom Graphics
  • Google Analytics
  • Custom Font compatible with all browsers
  • Search engine friendly content
  • a Lightbox newsletter signup form that auto-responds with a $25 coupon for anyone who signs up
  • a contact form that emails the owner immediately upon submission

Eco-Centric Natural Fibre Fashions Online Boutique

Eco-Centric.ca Screenshot

July 2010

Scott eSolutions Ltd. created an online store for an existing retail clothing store. Starting with a Zen-Cart foundation, some development provided solutions to goals the management at Eco~Centric wanted to acheive. Customers can now buy products online that were previously only available in the store in Courtenay, BC.


InHouseMaui.com Screenshot

May 2010

InHouseCapital Corporation needed a simple, effective solution to showcase the spare properties they have so vacationers can find their cost effective and luxurious vacation homes. How better to advertise and provide information to word-of-mouth customers than a business card with a domain name and a straight-forward website that provides pricing, availability, and pictures?

Scott eSolutions Ltd. was contracted to build this solution. It is built in HTML, CSS, with a lightbox plug-in. Lightbox is an HTML add-on that provides an easy to use, familiar slideshow for images of the properties. Google Calendar was employed to display availability for each property. Staff is able to update the availability calendars for each property within their own Google account. Changes are reflected live on the website.

Serena Therapeutic Massage.com

April 2010

Serena Therapeutic Massage Screen GrabWhile in Costa Rica during the winter of 2009-2010 I met a new business owner in Playa Del Coco. Specializing in medical tourism and providing therapeutic massages, chiropractic services and physiotherapy, Serena Therapeutic Massage can provide physical therapy and treatment in one of the most spectacular places in the Americas.

Serena Therapeutic Massage wanted to add an online presence to their marketing campaign. With resources like an on-staff physiotherapist and chiropractor the owner wanted people in the area to be able to find the services if they looked on the internet. Primarily targeting Costa Rica using SEO, Serena Therapuetic Massage.com has already seen significant organic traffic via Google seearches thanks to the no-nonsense SEO tactics employed in its development.

Grilled Fromage.com

Grilled Fromage screenshotA Drupal 6 site built for the (small) community around a grilled cheese diner in Squamish, BC. The diner has since shut down and the owner and I are strategizing how we can still use the website, which has a number of features installed. Users can submit their cheesy photo that is resized, watermarked and sorted automatically. There is also a place to view all or some of the cheesy photos.

Meals On Wheels Edmonton (.org)

Meals On Wheels Edmonton logo

Scott eSolutions Ltd. is pleased to provide volunteer updates for the Meals On Wheels Edmonton website. Edmonton Meals on Wheels is a not-for-profit organization that relies on volunteers to provide nutritious meals which promote health, well being and independence for Edmonton clients.