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Island Summer Games

Island Summer Games website screenshotThis bad boy has everything.


  • team registrations - 6 sports and 6 registration fees, pay for registration using paypal. Choose a sport and signup your team!
  • people who register and pay for a team can invite members and non-members of the site to join their team
  • team managers can choose to allow people to join their team using a password, or by only inviting specific people, or by allowing other members to join - for which they will have to be approved by the team manager
  • TOURNAMENTS - care of the Drupal tournament module
  • Round robin, single and double-round knockout tournaments
  • schedules with dates and times of each game in the tournament
  • the ability for team members to log in and find out when and where their matches are, the scores, and their team's standing in the tournament!

Racing Adventures

Website Refresh  

Legend Motors LLC has been a customer for years and we recently gave a refresh in structure, "editability". Home page messaging was improved to funnel visitors to racing adventure packages, which includes weekend camps driving a Lamborghini around 5 different race tracks in North America! Check it out!!