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Internet Exploreblocka pop up fromdesktop8J9TSD6. How do I fix this?

Internet Explore block a pop up from desktop 8J9TSD6.  How do I fix this?

mouse scroll whell dosent work

ive been trying evrything i can but the scroll whell dose not work please help :(

USB Not Working

Recently I was given a Windows Vista. None of the USB ports work on it. I've tried alot of different solutions and still can't get them to work. The computer originally had a Vista hardrive in it, however I replaced the hard drive with a new one and installed Windows XP. The USB ports still don't work even after changing from Vista to XP. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

no sound

my computer is not playing any sounds.

no sound in Media player.

no system sounds

Windows XP within the settings dealing with colors, I am not allowed to selct anything?

Within the settings dealing with colors, I am not allowed to selct anything?

Windows not booting past windows logo

Good Evening.

So I've got bit of a problem, let me explain some back story. We bought a new house with a security camera system, that according to my knowledge uses analog cameras, but less about the system more about the pc. So the previous owners said that they never used the system because they couldn't get the computer to work. So now that we have the house I decided to take a look at whats wrong. But with the minimum knowledge of fixing computers (really isn't alot) I tried my best but failed. So that's the backstory lets to get to problem. 

Firstly, its quite an old pc. It has a msi n1996 motherboard, pentium processor. DDR2 ram (not sure how much but if I remember what I saw in the BIOS correctly it's probably 2Gb). The system has a DVR card in with 2 extension cards as well (for more ports on the DVR card, they connect to the DVR card not to the motherboard). Now the problem is, the pc won't boot, when I start it up, it beeps once (according to INTEL it only means that the pc can now receive input) then it goes into the motherboard logo and then the BIOS test (think that's what it's called) runs and it skips straight to the screen that says the windows failed to load, a hardware change could have caused it. I pressed the repair, but that only loaded the files then black screen. After that I restarted it to try the start normally, it then booted till the Starting Windows logo came on with that bar at the bottom that has to load, but that bar never loads :/. Then I decided to try run it in safe mode and it started to run different lines of code but stopped at the system32\Drivers\Mup.sys , so I tried a few solutions I could fine online, but many of them recommended I use the installation cd......... I don't have the installation CD, I completely forgot to mention, this all happened on the HDD that has windows xp on it. Then I replaced the HDD with another HDD I had laying around, but this time it had windows 7 on it. So I started with a normal boot, it booted the same untill the point it asked me to start normally or start repair. I started normal, windows booted until it started to say Starting Windows, with the windows logo about to load, but freezes as soon as the first colour starts to form. I then tried to run the repair but it also got stuck, but at the classpnp.sys. So at that point I no longer knew what to do and started searching around for different possibliltys. I found something somewhere suggesting that it could be the floppy disk that was installed, so I removed that and it still didn't boot. So I triedd installing a fresh copy of windows 7 on the HDD but the installation doesn't want to BOOT either, windows 10 also doesn't want to boot the installer.

So I have no idea what to try next, I need to get on the windows xp on the first HDD btw. I mainly need to find out what software they are using for the security system and if I can install it on a later version of windows. If anyone has an idea I'm willing to try. Let me know if you need any more information that I didn't give. 

Thank you very much for reading everything

DLCDserv.exe Application Error

.... would greatly appreciate guidance for eliminating above subject error message......

The text shown in message window reads    "...The instruction at "0x00000000" referenced memory at "0x00000000". The memory could not be "written".    

This is followed by the option of clicking <OK> to terminate program    - or -   clicking <CANCEL> to debug the program.

Other pertinent facts:

  • this occurs every time I turn on computer — just before the screen comes on to choose the 'user' (there are two users).
  • clicking the <OK> option deletes the error message until the next time I turn on the computer.
  • clicking the <CANCEL> option does the same thing...and I do not know how to go about 'debugging', as contained in the option text.
  • so far I have not attempted trying to find the above subject file shown as 'application error' nor do not know what it relates to (I am apprehensive of 'rocking the ship' that otherwise is so reliable and trouble-free)
  • the computer has no other strange events taking place; has worked like a charmed and perfect time-piece for many years (still with Windows XP) and the subject error has been making it's 'annoying' appearing for several years

All good ideas will be immensely appreciated.


i have been hacked and

I have been hacked and I need to have my computer reset.

Iomega 100 zip drive with windows 10 x64

On obsolete question that was locked;

Murraycps replied on May 17, 2017 that he could not make ZIP drive (he said it's USB type, not parellel )work in Windows XP, but I did.

My PC running in Windows XP SP3 32 bit having the parellel port 25 pins, installing "ioware-w32-x86-402.exe", the drive( mine is the parelle type ) worked perfect hooked to the parellel port.

And I doubt why Murraycps said ZIP100 USB didn't work in Windows XP.

Maybe his Windows XP IS x64 I wonder.

How is your guys opinion ? ZIP drive USB or parellel is made for x32 bit originally?

I can't connect to the internet in windows xp so i can't upgrade my comouter it to windows 10

I have an old IBM laptop running on windows XP and i want an upgrade to windows 10. But for some reasons, the internet connection is not working on the IBM laptop . Can anyone know an solution to fix it?

 Here are some pics

Factory reset on a hp pavillion ze4930us

How to factory reset hp Pavillion se4930us notebook pc

mouse not working

1.  mouse does not delete text when I click on deleting an email.

2.  mouse does not hightlight a star on email anymore

3.  mouse is having difficulty full opening an attachment

4. please respond right away


how to reinstall prd.ini,startup

how do I change password for my computer wondows 7 XP

How do I change password for my computer


How can I open C:/Windows/system32/cmd.exe? But for example from a folder.

I need to open it from a specific folder and I don´t know how to do it.

Episode 449 | Two-Sided Marketplaces, How Much Testing is Too Much, and More Listener Questions

Startups For The Rest Of Us - June 18, 2019 - 4:00am

In this episode of Startups For The Rest Of Us, Rob along with co-host Tracy Osborn answer a number of listener questions on topics including two side marketplaces, automated testing, building like-minded relationships and more.

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I can't get email to send from Outlook Express

I'm still using XP and Outlook Express... My email got compromised and I had to change some passwords the other day... I changed my server and Microsoft passwords... I receive emails on Outlook express just fine, but I'm having trouble sending emails.

* Moved from

Windows xp home edition upgrade to windows 10

I want to upgrade my Windows Xp homeedition  desktop to windows 10. (I have the product key). This is not possible because I have to download to Windows 7 first (I don't have the product key). Is there any way possible for me to upgrade to Windows 10 without Windows 7. 

sharing encrypted files with XP and 7/10

I've been asked to provide a photo of my identification in order to get hired for a job via the internet. Unfortunately, I could not find 64-bit drivers for my scanner, so I have to use my old Windows 98SE/XP Pro dual-boot computer to scan my driver's license as all my newer Windows computers are 64-bit.

As this is prime material for identity theft, I decided to use the (for me) little used "encrypt this file" feature on XP Pro.

However, I found that I could not access the [shared] file from Thunderbird on my Windows 7 or Windows 10 computer even though they all use the same username and password and are on the same workgroup. In fact, I could not copy the file over to the modern systems at all from the modern system.

Unchecking the "encrypt this file" checkbox on the XP machine fixed the problem. I had to recheck it again afterwards. 

I was under the impression that encrypted files could be shared, or does that only work when on a domain rather than a workgroup?

I was using a limited/standard user account called "Slick" on all three computers mentioned and on the same workgroup. The password is the same, and  have no trouble accessing unecrypted files. 

Windows XP 2018 Edition

Is the Windows XP 2018 Edition Clickbait or can i actually download it? because google says that you can download it but i'm not sure how to. Do i have to pay for it, or can i just download the update from a website? As i love Windows XP (I miss those days), I hope that this is actually true. I shall keep looking through the internet about this "Windows XP 2018 Edition". Please keep me informed.