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Outlook Express email

I have lost many emails all of the sudden.    I would like to find a service that can instruct me or "do" on my computer whatever is necessary to stop the loss of emails and then to recover the lost emails.

Microsoft Windows XP Pro 64 bit_Fail to install after key in the valid license key

Date 11 August 2017:


I would like to install Microsoft Windows XP Pro 64 bit, but fail to proceed after key in the valid license key. Do anyone have the same experience? Could share for it? Thank you in advance!

Wifi connection on windows pc

Windows Forum - Answered Threads, Windows XP - August 10, 2017 - 11:07pm


I have a Intel pentium computer of a HP company an with a windows xp software and my problem is that I have a local lan network connection and the problem is that my computer recegnoize  the network but when I try to connect it does the normal thing but after several minutes it goes to the normal screen as it was before connecting and we tried contacting the person who operates this network but they are cureentry busy and can't come to our house so can you tell me all possible ways to connect (also I have tried repairing but that does not  help )



windows xp

i have a dell inspiron 910 it does not have a cd rom how do you reinstall xp or can I install it on to a usb

Add/Remove Programs list - need to recover missing program from list

I am using a program that allows me to back up or transfer installed applications using the info in the Add/Remove programs list. One of the main programs I need to back up is missing from the list, but still installed and fully functional. I need to know how to recover the program to the list so my back up program can safely transfer all the required files before we rebuild/replace the PC it resides on. No, we do not have the original installation media anymore.

Blue Screen Windows XP Home Edition *** STOP 0x000000ed (0x81BCFA60, 0xC0000032, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)

I'm trying to fix my old computers.  Currently, my old Dell Dimension 4300 desktop.  I get the Blue screen no matter what I do.


STOP 0x000000ed (0x81BCFA60, 0xC0000032, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)

I have the Dell Windows XP CD but it won't boot from the CD, even if I change the boot order in BIOS.

I cannot start in safe mode, I still get the blue screen.

I cannot boot from last working settings, I get the blue screen.

Every option results in the blue screen, except for the options that go on an endless loop of "Press F1 to retry boot Press F2 to enter Setup" or whatever.

I even attempted to download an ISO file and it burned as an image on my laptop, and when I pop it into the Dell and try to boot, it does nothing.

google earth restart

I totally deleted Google Earth as it was not working properly and am having trouble getting back into it.  Apparently I don't have the correct user name or password information.  What should I do?

How to read an ASR backup file made by Windows XP in 2003.

I found an old CD-RW that contains a Windows XP ASR backup.bkf file I made back in 2003 on my Toshiba Tecra 5000 which I no longer have. Windows 10 has nothing that can open and read this file. The Microsoft store has nothing either. Are there 3rd party programs (like 7-Zip) available that can open and read this file? Thanks.

Windows xp professional

Hello, can anybody help? I am still using Windows xp, on Sunday my computer froze and I had to do a force shutdown on 're starting it went through all the normal boot up procedure until you would get to the page with the user accounts, instead of reaching the user account page I get a totally blue screen with a box asking me to log onto Windows,  asking me for my username  and password, once I have entered these details I get an additional box appear saying" the local policy of this system does not permit you to logon interactively". I know XP is not supported anymore but I can not understand why that should stop me logging on, any help would be really appreciated 

Download SP3 for Windows XP onto USB stick?

I work at the University of Waterloo. We have a suntracker setup that runs on windows XP that has been in storage 10+ years. When it was put in storage it wasn't working. I've recently taken it out of storage and began trouble shooting issues. We have determined there is a software issue, and so I'm trying to install new software from national instruments (via USB file transfer as xp is not allowed to be connected to the network here), but some software requires service pack 3, but we only have 2. Is there really no possible way to get an official Microsoft download of SP3 (broken link here to the download This computer has one sole purpose of moving two stepper-motors while working a camera to follow the sun with an old labview program, and so updating to a newer Windows OS in never happening out of fear of loosing compatibility with this labview code.

Episode 352 | Housing Multiple Products Under One Brand, Stair-Stepping, Pricing Tiers, and More Listener Questions

Startups For The Rest Of Us - August 8, 2017 - 4:00am

In this episode of Startups For The Rest Of Us, Rob and Mike take a number of listener questions including housing multiple products under one brand, stair-stepping, and dealing with pricing tiers.

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Operating Systems

If i dont know the password to one of my computers how would i be able to get in to the computer to redo the whole operating system

windows xp to windows 7 upgrade

i have an old desktop that is currently running windows xp and i want to upgrade it to windows 7. is it possible to do this without buying the upgrade disk?

Windows XP

What causes the system process to tax the cpu and cause the cpu usage to remain @ 100%?

XP 0x0000007E

laptop start met blauw scherm en foutcode :0x0000007E

Replace XP Professional with Windows 10 - Windows 10 NOT educational version


I have Windows XP Professional  on my PC. At long last, I am upgrading/replacing it with the latest Windows 10. Yes, I realise Drive C will be wiped, as I install the Windows 10.

And yes, the hardware and memory has been recently upgraded. This PC can handle W.10.

When I select the options to get W. 10 (, it asks which educational qualification I should select - 'are you an eligible  student'.

I am not a student. I am retired after 40 year f/t I.T.

I am simply upgrading my pc to windows 10.

Could you give me a website link to download W.10?

Thank you.


why do I constantly have the need to update my computer?

forgot password

I am giving my old computer to my daughter but it is 3 years since I used it and I have forgotten my entry password Is ther anyway I can open up the computer.It is Windows XP. Thank you.

setup.exe in XP have stopped working

 My setup.exe files will not run in Windows XP. Has anyone got an idea why. I have looked on forums for an answer but with no success.

I have done a virus scan, chkdsk with no result.


my accounts

can one of your staff sort  and merge my Microsoft Accounts for may be 20years.