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Activation of Microsoft Works Suite 2005

Please advise how to activate the Works Suite 2005. Tried via internet and phone but to no avail.




How do i get Notepad icon on my Desktop ? or What is the shortcut for accessing it ?

Delete everything off my ****

like ive been trying days to figure out how tf to erase everything and I cant find it . please help for the love of god. ive talked to hella agents n **** about it n now I'm irritated 

Microsoft mouse 3600

I am trying to pair a microsoft 3600 mouse to my laptop windows XP.  It won't pair? 

Upgrading from WINXP to WIN10.

I had accident with my new computer,therefore i need help. Microsoft send me a link to download Win10.They said the save to my edrive.I cant get the edrive to download. Help if you can.

Reactivate XP pro after a reload.

Original codes do not appear to be accepted. I recovered the codes with a code checker and copied them down and now I cannot get past the "input your codes" page. Codes are considered wrong. If I can get past this page I can get new codes from MS easily. I have done it before some time ago.

Issues with My Wacom Bamboo Pen


I have a XP Pavilion 360 Laptop, and I use a Wacom Bamboo Pen.

Whenever I'm drawing with the pen, the pen doesn't keep up with the movement, it's moves really slow and sometimes it moves way too quickly.

At first, I thought it was the program that I'm using when drawing, but when using the pen in websites, it still acts the same. I tried using a different battery to make sure if that was the solution, but still, it acts the same way. 

I was wondering if you have any advices to fix the problem that I'm having with the pen.

Is it okay to use windows xp on trusted sites, just to upload to google photos and drive?

Hi there,

unfortunately my two windows laptops are outdated. The one that boots up and works great is xp. I know there are no updates or security for it. The main thing I want to do is unload  pictures from my camera and then back up to google photos and drive. Am I at risk on xp connected to my home internet if I am just using google?

Thank you for the help.

Activation on Windows XP

Hi, my name Shaiful from Malaysia. Just crashed my computer and reinstalled the windows XP (run on Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.4 via Parallel Desktop 13) 

Unfortunately, windows XP are no longer supported and I have problem to activate my product key...26 days left for activation...

Q : IF I did't activate the product key in 26 days, can I still use the XP on computer? 

Q : What will be the consequences?



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what does a cricled green check mark mean

What does a circled green check mark mean?

My external hard disk cannot display the contents in it

I have recently used Transcend external disk but it fails to display the contents but otherwise my computer detects that it is available and already written meaning showing that it has been used in terms of storage. What should I do?

Windows XP

I had to re-install XP and now I cannot activate it.  Please help.

My USB ports aren't working Windows 10

I have tried to use my usb ports to open my SanDisk drives and none of them are working.  Is there a fix for this?  In my settings there is a yellow triangle with an exclamation point in it that says "Needs Troubleshooting, Driver Error".

Previous Versions - Mouse Without Borders

I have a need to include a Win XP PC with a Win 10 PC.  Is there a previous version of Mouse Without Borders available that would run in those 2 Win versions?  If so, how can I get it.

Thanks, VB3

window + R

When I press Windows + R, I don´t get the "RUN" box. How do I fix that??

Adress bar and redirect

When I use a Google to find a website and click on it, keeps redirecting me no matter what website I choose

I have to Ctrl - C - Ctrl - V the website directly in the search bar.  If I do not and just click on the my Detailing pro shop website I want to go to it redirects me to some random site.  It does this for every website I click on.

Windows XP


Lost or deleted file

I have lost or maybe deleted a contact list placed on an excel spreadsheet. I suspect it was lost around early April, but not sure.

How can I recover? 

Registered windows XP activation problem after reinstalling

I have bought a genuine windows xp and i have installed it in legacy based system. The system was not loaded for the past 4 to 5 years. When we reinstalled the same registered windows xp on same system but we are getting only 30 days of trail instead for activated window. Please reply . Thanks

Saad Ahmad

Control system Engineer

When will Windows XP-2018 be available?

When will Windows XP-2018 be available? ( LOVE my XP!!!)