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Windows XP wont boot past bios page.

I accidentally deleted some files in my computer and now it will not boot past bios page and i have no disc . Is there anyway I can boot into the recovery

Error- You do not have permission to update Windows xp


My first post here, I have an old Thinkpad running windows xp, I have tried in vain to install the Wanna-cry patch -

Security Update for Windows XP SP3 (KB4012598) issued by microsoft. I'm having problems with the installation of the patch with the above error message. 

I found an older discussion on this and a solution with respect to changing administrators rights however the fix refers to page via a hyperlink which seems to have been changed, maybe after the end of support for windows xp.
Now I understand that Microsoft ended support but then supplied a patch for the above problem, but if I can't get the patch on then it all seems a bit of a waste. Can anyone help me with a solution that "average user" could implement.



cmd has stopped

Actually I was dealing with a shortcut virus on my windows xp but I was unable to remove it so what I did is, because that virus had a CMD file which was affecting my system so I tried to change its properties so that it would not work properly. I went through properties where I found an option of (open with) you the option which comes in properties of some files like music that whith which software you wanna (open that file) and I changed the open with option to (windows picture and fax viewer) this property not only applied to that file but it was also applied to my cmd's property. So now, whenever I open CMD instead of it the (windows picture and fax viewer) opens. Because of this all the software's which operated on my PC through CMD were like this.((click on any icon and instead of working of CMD, that windows viewer appears)) . Please help me.

Win XP product code not working

Ive recently lost my orignal Win XP disc so bought another original disc from ebay without a product code. 

The disc i bought is xp home with sp3 update. 

My original product code will not validate this new copy. 

How can I contact MS so that i can get another code?

I'm in the UK, can any one help?

Connecting to a Windows XP (SP3) workgroup from Windows 7 (Enterprise)

Dear all,

I have two laptops, one is an old 32-bit on Windows XP, the other is new on Windows 7 Enterprise.

I would like to copy some files from the old laptop to the new one, using the home WiFi network.

What I did up to now was to set up a "workgroup" with old Win XP laptop, and I named it "Workgroup"

Then I go to the new one, looking for the workgroup "Workgroup", but it simply ain't there. 

To make matters even more confusing, there are no workgroups in Windows some, just homegroups.  Is it supposed to be the same thing?

Any advice would be appreciated.

    Kind regards,


Trouble installing new hardware onto PC

To start with, all the info I can find about what version of Windows I have is:

Windows XP

Version 2002


I just got a new tablet and the 'found new hardware wizard' can't install it as it can't find the software, and it didn't come with a cd.

I should mention also that for a few months now when  I turn on the pc a message pops up in the cenre of the screen saying that I'm not using a genuine version of Windows, and giving me the option to resolve now or resolve later. I assumed it was a virus so I choose 'resolve later' and continue on. Maybe it's not virus?

What do I need to do?

Also, what operating system am I, Windows 7, 8 or 10?


printing queue stuck

i have tried everything that everyone has told me about on how to stop printing with the printer queue here is my problem

the problem started when we printed a document from windows xp threw the network to our windows 7 computer that has the printer directly connected to an old Okidata ML 321 Turbo/D (IBM) printer.  Every time we print from the windows 7 computer we end up having the print job that stuck from the xp computer and a new document from the one we select from a new listing we have they both print out we tried like i said everything about print spooling and nothing. When u open the printing list nothing showes up so we cant cancel anything. Tried to restart everything and still nothing the only thing we didnt try is the whole system shutdown including network that is our last option that we have to do but right now we are in our regular busy day status and we cant do the hard reset till 5:00 pm for when we go home its 9:10 am right now and if anyone can figure anything out that would be great cause we are clueless at this point the list of what i have tried so far is:

tried on both xp and windows 7 computers:

printer spooling services

printer network spooling services the cmd under run as admin

delete printer and reinstall

Episode 345 | How to Get Your Emails Delivered to the Gmail Primary Tab

Startups For The Rest Of Us - June 20, 2017 - 4:00am

In this episode of Startups For The Rest Of Us, Rob and Mike review their progress on their 2017 goals thus far, and discuss an article about how to get your emails delivered in the Gmail primary tab.

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Word to PDF

When I save a word doc to a pdf, I want the pdf to pop up, how do I do this?  This was automatic in the past and for some reason is no longer working.


   Sorry, bad Internet connection caused the issue with security updates. Now everything is OK. This post needs deletion.

Upgrading XP to windows 10

I found a Dell Inspiron 8100 with XP and want to upgrade to windows 10 so I can teach my Grands and Greatgrands how to use a computer that is up to todays software. I can not connect to the web to try to get a windows ten to upgrade my XP, so I would need a disc to install windows 10 and replace the XP

Where can I get a windows 10 disc to upgrade to windows 10?

Accessing application running in Windows XP 32-bit from Windows 7 64-bit is slow

One of the applications in my company runs on a Windows XP 32-bit machine. The application folder has been shared with few Win 7 64-bit client computers. In order to run the application on the client machine, we run the executable from the shared path. This worked seamlessly until I changed a local security policy on the XP machine. I changed the 'Network Security: LAN Manager Authentication Level' from 'Not Defined' to 'Send LM & NTLM - Use NTLM v2 session security if negotiated'. Since the change, the application takes a while to load on the client machine. On running the application, it freezes and goes to (not responding) mode and loads after few seconds. This happens on every update/delete/save in the application.

There is no option to set it back to 'Not Defined'. 

Thanks in advance!

Windows XP Help

I found this old computer tower in my house and I've been wanting to see whats in it and what I can do with it, but I've been running into a variety of problems. The computer is a Vaio RS model PCV-C12L running on Windows XP Home Edition. It's been several years since this computer has been touched so I don't know of any updates this computer has. The first problem I ran into was the password, which didn't really matter because I simply went into Safe mode and ran as Administrator but every time i do this i'm greeted with this screen-KERNAL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR

Technical Information:

*** STOP: 0x0000007A (0xE1FD7484 , 0xC000009C, 0xBF911F30, 0x1E9E6860)

wink32k.sys - Address BF911F30 base at BF800000, DateStamp 4a8564c7

This is actually the screen that pops up a bit later in my problems but I was an idiot and did not take a picture of that screen, so this is the closest I have. After that, i searched the web I decided to run "chkdsk C: /f /r /x". 

It stopped at stage 4 of 5 at 54% so then I decided to hard reset, did some research and found out that this process takes a long time. I restarted the computer and it gave me the American Megatrends screen. Again, didn't get to snap a picture but it said something about the status of my hard drive being bad and it needed to be replaced. Of course i couldn't really get past this screen and by now I could care less about what's on the hard drive (other than Backyard Skateboarding), so I opened up the computer and removed all sorts of dust bunnies and cleaned everything safely, got back in then removed the option to quit warning me about the hard drive and american megantrends screen. The ChkDsk scan started up again and this time i waited 3 hours. Got impatient and reset and waited for 6 hours at the same spot. Didn't want the computer running all night so I woke up this morning and started the scan at 11:00 AM and went to the same spot, Stage 4 of  5 at 54% complete and stayed that way for 12 hours. By now i've become concerned and just went into safe mode, and this screen (above) popped up. Please, any help is appreciated and if there's no hope I'm willing to buy a new and cheap hard drive. 

mouse do notebook touch ped

Meu toque não esta funcionado! Como volta a funcionar?

win xp on my pos just quit,, need to upgrade to 8 or 8.1 Fast. just got out of hospital , dont have much funds

win xp on my pos just quit,, need to upgrade to 8 or 8.1 Fast. just got out of hospital , dont have much funds.. please !! i do have my key for the xp

Upgrading to windows 10 from windows XP

I want to upgrade my Windows XP desktop to windows 10. (I have the product key). This is not possible because I have to download to Windows 7 first (I don't have the product key). Is there any way possible for me to upgrade to Windows 10 without Windows 7

Legal copy of XP says it needs reactivation, the automated system says it's bootleg!

I have a pair of Panasonic toughbooks.  A co-worker swapped the hard drives trying to fix an issue.  The good computer now has it's original hard drive back in it, but the XP Pro needs reactivation.  The automated reactivation system says that the installation is bogus.   How do I fix this?
I know the history of this computer since day one.  It's not a bootleg XP install no matter what the brain-dead reactivation system says..

Windows XP Pro, SP3--No Logical Disk Management so can't add HD

Logical Disk Management has disappeared in this computer. 

I bought it new from a local builder/seller with a very good reputation in 2009..  My XP Pro was properly licensed, and the LDM was present. 

In the intervening years, I lost the original OEM CD, and the builder replaced it for me with a home-burned CD.  I have not done a re-install (destructively or non-destructively) in several years, but years ago the home burned OS disc was used at least 3 times.  Every time I had to enter my license number, it was accepted.

I have bought a Seagate HD as the target for cloning my failing C drive.  BIOS sees itUbuntu sees itIt is invisible to Windows.  When I try to enter the Windows Logical Disk Management snap-in tool, I am told it is not registered to this computer.  I am told that it is available in Windows 2000 and later.  I am told to check the OS on this particular computer.  I can find my product key, but cannot tell if it is indeed, XP Pro.

Seagate's Disc Wizard software relies on the Windows Disk Management tool, and without access to LDM, the drive is worthless in my XP.

Is there a way to download and install just the Logical Disk Manager snap-in tool for Windows XP Pro, SP3?

Has anyone downgraded to xp?

I have a printer that I use constantly that the only way I can run the system maintence on the older window, xp was the last one that worked.  Hp doesn't support windows 10 for this printer.

Mitigate Security Risks with Windows XP

We currently own several PCs, all of them on Windows 10 except for 1 on XP. My parents refuse to upgrade/throw it out, and I'm afraid that it poses a threat to the security of all the other PCs, which are all on the same home network. Said XP PC is only used to browse the web, but I still see it as a sitting duck. I've done what I can to keep it 'up to date', but I'd like to disable anything (on the XP) that could pose a threat. What should I do?