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Episode 400 | The Importance of Consistency

Startups For The Rest Of Us - July 10, 2018 - 4:00am

In this episode of Startups For The Rest Of Us, Rob and Mike talk about the importance of consistency. They reminisce about how the podcast has evolved over the years and the benefits of putting an episode out week after week.

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black screen

My screen went black on my microsoft surface pro when I folded it closed to move to another work area. working in  office 365

connecting to wifi with my windows XP

my windows xp running a 32 bit operating system lacks some essential drivers or maybe software that can enable it connect to or detect any router(broadcasting its wifi signals).Plz help me know how to go about it because I really need to connect to my 4G wifi. 

Fuzzy green diagonal lines and pink windows

I have had this screen issue for a while since last year and at one point it was completely clear picture, like nothing had happened. Then not long ago when I moved back into my mother's house it started again, but green splotchy screen all over and then short time after that it seemed to have gotten a little bit worse, so next came along the pink 'tinge' and now all the windows are bold hot pink backgrounds, there are some other discolorations, and green diagonal lines flickering. I can obviously still some what see and slightly just read things on screen but is very difficult and poor visual overall, and I can still use it but it is very limited reason being because of said problems. If there are any tips or instructions of how to fix the problem please let me know as this is a very annoying and frustrating complication.

where is the clock on the taskbar?

the clock on the taskbar has disappeared.  I click on the arrow that says 'show hidden icons' but it does nothing. 

Cannot browse certain Microsoft websites from IE 8 in Windows XP Mode under Windows 7 Virtual PC

After going through all the steps to resolve this issue, I ended up on the following problem:

- Cannot browse certain Microsoft websites from IE 8 under Windows XP Mode (SP3) under Windows 7 virtual PC.

Summary of what I did:

- Set network adaptor of the XP Mode to use same network adaptor of Windows 7

- Setup XP Machine to join the same network of the host

- Setup Admin user to be the same network user of the host

- Allow the Admin user to remote admin into XP Mode

- Download Chrome Browser 49 (for XP) to be able to download IE 7 since IE 6 didn't work at all

- Used IE 7 to initiate XP Updates until it reached XP SP3 and installed IE 8

- Turn on automatic updates for XP and keep the machine running for 48 hours to install all updates, and monitor to restart if required

- Used Chrome browser to download all other fixes / updates needed that IE 8 was unable to download

- Contact MS Support, and told me that IE 8 doesn't work properly under Windows XP

Now, XP mode is working fine, but the following issues:

- Cannot browse certain Microsoft websites from IE 8. I did everything you can imagine and can cannot image to solve this problem, but no luck!!!

- Windows XP Help and Support option cannot connect to the Internet

But, thanks to Chrome, it works like a charm!

Can you help to make IE 8 and Windows Help and Support to work properly?


lost my Mocrosoft CD

Hi after I put my computer in to get fixed in came back with no Microsoft on it.

I cant locate my CD or ID but don't want to pay for another so how can I retrieve it?

Google Calendar Only sporadically prints

Why is it so difficult to print the Google Calendar? I've been on Windows 10 for a couple of years.  Sometimes it just shows a preview and other times nothing happens at all and there isn't anything in the print queue

Windows XP activation

 Hi Everyone,

How can I activate my legitimate windows xp which is used in old machine's PC? There is no more support for win xp from official sites.

Thank you,


Dual boot windows xp & Ubuntu grub error after deleting Ubuntu drive

Dear Friends, 

I have a acer 4740 Travelmate laptop, I recently deleted Ubuntu without using any software such as easybcd etc... And when I restarted my pc it started giving me grub error and after some research online I used a Ubuntu live usb and installed Ubuntu 14 on my laptop .. After this the laptop is still not functioning as it doesn't boot properly it directly goes to windows and windows crash within seconds. How ever it shows start windows in safe mode, cmd mode, last know best configuration etc but even after using those option the windows crashes and it keeps on restating. Can someone help me how to fix it???  

Thanks for your time!!! 

I would like continue windows xp but I can't activate it , have you a solution ?

I would like continue windows xp but I can't activate it , have you a solution for keeping it always activate

Thank you

sharing software from my hp detachable to my desktop

can i share windows 10 from one device to my desktop

Episode 399 | How Derrick Reimer is Validating His Ambitious Third SaaS Application

Startups For The Rest Of Us - July 3, 2018 - 4:00am

In this episode of Startups For The Rest Of Us, Rob talks with Derrick Reimer, co-founder of Drip, about his new SaaS application Level. They talk about what inspired the idea as well as ways Derrick went about trying to validate it.

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Old hard drive

I have an old Dell dimension that still works fine but slow. Recently replaced a newer Dell with a new one. Tried the old boot disk in the newer CPU and it booted fine. However it now thinks my copy of windows is a new install and it wants a key. I have a key but what I'm afraid of is that it will turn out as if I had installed the OS fresh and all my software will have to be installed again. Anyone know if this is the case?

Widows defender for Windows XP

Getting message to check for new definitions Windows Defender.

After checking ( many times ) message says "No new files or updates available.

Last Auto Update was on June11,2018 Def Version 1.269.1075.0

Any ideas?

inspiron 1520 XP factory reset

looking to see if this is still available

Deleting Photo's on Outlook

Just had my Outlook updated today and you can now go in to a folder called 'ALL PHOTO'S'. I have gone in to it and all the photo's I have on my Outlook account are there, but how do I delete them please? When I click on the photo it puts a tick in the top right corner, but there isn't a delete button. It may be really obvious to all of you, but I just can't see how to do it lol. Could someone please help? Thank you.

Can I use OS or Application end of support for free?

A Windows Xp and Microsoft Office 2007 are end of support. If its end of support, can i use that both for free? if it not free, can i buy it?

activate windows xp

i cloned my drive now im having trouble activating it

product key

i buy product key but i did not get it for windows 7 but it said to ask u to get it but i look at my mail but its not there