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My internet explorer has been deleted by accident/error.

I have, most probably  deleted my  internet explorer.  

I still run Windows  XP 

If  i restore my computer, will  it help? 

Mouse and keyboard

I have a older wireless mouse and keyboard but the mouse broke, so I bought a new mouse with it's own receiver. I have the old one plugged in for the keyboard and also the new one plugged in for the new mouse, but the new mouse is really glitchy at times. How do I fix this.  It seems i have to use both reveiver 

Log on problems

I am having a problem logging onto my laptop. It has the Windows XP OS, and requires a password to access the User/Administrator before I can do anything. Can you help me please?

activate windows xp

I have no  installation ID . How can i activate the windows ?

Shorcut exe application opening via Internet explorer

1. RFTerm is Launching via Internet Explorer instead of .exe ,Once after Launching via Internet explorer , we can able to terminate the RFTerm from SOTI lockdown menu. 2. For the second time click on the RFTerm after terminate the Internet explorer , it will prompt for file download security warning ( Do you want to run or save this file ? ) and we have to click RUN in order to launch the RFTerm.

3. After this second item happens all the input for the device will change to symbol and we need to reboot the unit in order to solve the issue and i have tested this without a lockdown and its working fine without any of this above issues

hidden files are not accessible

friends I have Windows xp running on my laptop.Just before some day I hided some files by changing their folder options.Now I am not able to access those files.Window is showing them but I am not able to do anything with them like copy,paste,delete and not even able to see these files.This problem exist on only one folder,Means I have other hidden files and I can access them.But In this particular Folder all Image files are kind of locked. When I try to copy these file a error is showing that "File name you specified is not valid or too long.Specify a different file name".these files are king of important for me.So please tell me any way to recover my jpeg file.

A old computer problem (Windows Xp)

i got my old pc something like 18 years ago, but i want to install a lower version with my cdrom just for fun,then i need to press any key, then it doesnt boot from cd (i pressed a random key), is there a way to boot directly without pressing a key? if it cant then how can i solve this? (this is a phoenix awardbios computer)

how can i change from window 7 to window xp?

please help me i have change my pc from window xp to window 7 and is not working well i want to go back to window  xp

Episode 337 | Hacking (Customer) Acquisition with Sean Ellis

Startups For The Rest Of Us - April 25, 2017 - 4:00am

In this episode of Startups For The Rest Of Us, Mike interviews Sean Ellis, CEO at GrowthHackers, about hacking customer acquisition. Sean defines his coined term "growth hacker" and talks about some topics in his upcoming book that draws from experiences from past products/companies he's worked on including Dropbox, Eventbrite, Lookout, LogMeIn, and Uproar.

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turn off autocomplete outlook express

turn off autocomplete outlook express

Old Windows XP PC hard drive..

I had a Windows XP PC and for whatever reason it stopped working and couldnt seem to be fixed, so i bought a Windows 7 laptop. I removed the hard drive, soundcard and drives(CD/DVD and floppy) with the intention of using them again somehow. I thought id be able to buy a tower in which i could install the sound card, hard drive and drives(CD/DVD and floppy) like an external drive. However as yet i have not managed how to, if i could at least salvage the files off the hard drive that would be great and was hoping someone on here would know how?


How do i upgrade Windows XP to Windows 10

Im having a bit of a problem i did get a free upgrade when windows 10 first come out so do i get a free reinstall for free and i need to upgrade my Windows XP to Windows 10 how can i do this without costing arm & leg and also the steps to upgrade Thank you?

Fax Service for XP

I have Windows 10. I am attempting to add Windows XP Fax service.  It says to go into control panel and add/remove Windows Component utility. When I go into Control Panel there is only an uninstall/change programs.  When I look at the program list there is nothing called Windows Component utility. When I search the control panel for the Fax Wizard there is nothing. Am I nuts? Can anyone help?

Duplicating screens

I have a question about duplicating my screen wirelessly in the sense that the other will work as an extension. I want to use my desktop and my laptop screen together without using an HDMI to connect them.

windows xp reboot loop

every time i turn on m pc and try to boot i get to the loading screen and then a blue screen comes up and it restarts what do i do i have looked it up and tryed somethings to fix it but it they dont work

What should I do if my laptop won't install programs, games, and plugins?

I have a Window XP that won't install programs like adobe flash player, Ultra ISO, Winrar, after resetting my laptop to factory settings. I already looked for the files but i don't know how to start but the only files that are in my Local Disk is DDI, PerfLogs, Program Files, Users, VAIO Entertainment, and Windows.

I don't know if this has to do with the program files x86 or just upgrading the windows?

Hoping for a solution to this problem and thank you for advance.......

Windows XP keyboard

My keyboard is intermittently response and then sometimes freezes. Or nothing types and the cursor freezes. How to fix?

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Proccess opens in Task Manager - No window appears


Dual boot operating system: Windows 7 - Defualt ; Windows XP - Secondary

In Windows XP I open any .exe file.

Word, Outlok Express, any short cut, etc.

It is listed in the task manager proccesses list, but no window appears on the desktop.

I fixed exefiles class in the registry.

Where is the problem?

Thank you.

SNMP service


I have such a question. I understand, that it is not usual way to configure system, but I need to install SNMP service without using "Add and remove programs" applet (Windows XP).

Can anyone help me? Can I solve my problem using registry editor and instsrv.exe, for example? Our organization uses self-written system of software distribution, so I need to create my own installer package to install SNMP service and some other software, which will use SNMP, and I can not use any other tool. When I create service manually, snmp.exe starts, but does not work. I had added  to system32 folder DLLs from this list

But no success.

Episode 336 | Key Takeaways from MicroConf Vegas 2017

Startups For The Rest Of Us - April 18, 2017 - 4:00am

In this episode of Startups For The Rest Of Us, Rob and Mike reflect back on MicroConf Vegas 2017 and give you their key takeaways from both the starter and growth edition talks.